About The Station

A Little Bit of History First!!

Tourist FM Radio (previously called Baycity Gold Radio) was stated by it’s founder Roger Wilson (with help & support from his wife Celia) back in August  2011. He was lucky enough to win an auction for a broadcast license for the Booral area in November 2011 & then in May 2012 he was also successful in obtaining another broadcast license (via another  auction) for the River Heads area 

Latest !!! Another license was won at auction in May 2017 (with the help from the River Heads Progress Association) to broadcast to the west side of Hervey Bay on 87.8 FM it is now on the air

The Area

The Booral & River Heads areas of Hervey Bay consists of lots of retirees, tourists, backpackers & grey nomads etc. both visiting the area &/or traveling to Fraser Island – Therefore a local radio come tourist station we believe will be most welcome

For a more in depth look about the area please CLICK HERE

A Local Radio Station for Local People & Visitors

Our transmissions cover the main areas that travelers, back packers & grey nomads use to get to the Fraser Island barges at River Heads therefore making it ideal for broadcasting tourist information, we may in the future also provide live information on barge timetables, delays, Fraser Island information & weather reports etc.

RiverFest at River Heads

Once a year the River Heads Progress Association holds whats called the “RiverFest” we broadcast during this event as “RiverFest Radio 88FM”

How can I Listen to the station

We have now been allocated three radio licenses by ACMA on the FM band.
The first one covers the Booral & Turtle Cove area of Hervey Bay on 87.8 FM & our second license covers the River Heads area on 88.0 FM – Our third & latest license (located at Sunshine Acres) will cover most of the west side of Hervey Bay on 87.8 FM & will be ideal for visitors to tune in if travelling into Hervey Bay  from the Maryborough or Bundaberg areas

Although our transmitters are low powered (as required by law) coverage tests have shown good reception is possible (on a decent car radio) in most areas of Hervey Bay

We are now also testing streaming on the internet

Not For Profit Radio Station

We are undertaking this project solely as individuals – it’s not to return dividends to Shareholders – We are a “not for profit” radio station unlike most other local stations

It’s radio because we want to – NOT that we have to

Would you like to get involved with the radio station on a voluntary basis either as a presenter or of a technical nature (i.e. IT)  if so we would love to hear from you

Please look at our “Get Involved” page for further details

Would you like to advertize on Tourist FM ? – You will be amazed at how low the cost of advertizing is

For further information please email us or call Roger Wilson on 0427 769164


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