2014 RiverFest Radio

We broadcast again for the third year running at RiverFest at River Heads near Hervey Bay

This year it was only a one day event on Saturday 6th September – Very disappointed that we didn’t get much interest in the station or more help from the organizers (of which we were promised) –  Also very few live events/acts going on (unlike previous years) – Would have loved to broadcast some of the (limited) live acts, however was not told in advance what was going on (no program details supplied) We even had to supply & set up a sound system for one of the live acts as he didn’t come prepared with the right equipment!!! – Looks like this will be our last year doing this event which is a shame (unless we are paid next time!!) – Maybe we will just concentrate on the Tourist Radio in the future?



Roger at the stations mixing desk – Broadcasting live on 88 FM – However the highlight was when he was asked to do the only announcement of the day and that was “The Bar is Now Open” !!!!


Looking bored – Didn’t get much information from the organizers as to what was going on – Therefore just played music for most of the day – Was it worth setting up all the equipment when a MP3 player/iPod (set on random play) would have done the same job? – Such a shame all our hard work (& money we put into it) went to waste!!! Why set up a good public address system & then not use it to actually announce what’s going on ? – N.B. We didn’t charge the progress association for doing this event (or the last two years), however we believe it could have cost the association anything up to $1000 or maybe more for a professional company to do the same job as we did for just one day (especially if they had to wire speakers all around the area)


Celia & Roger

lenoxx portable PA

This year to broadcast the station around the large market/event area we used three portable PA systems, These were mounted on speaker stands & were totally battery powered – The units have a built in FM radio (as well as MP3 player/Bluetooth etc.) so they just picked up our transmissions on 88 FM & were re-broadcast to everyone – They worked very well (mainly playing music anyway) We believe that our setup is rather unique as most professional public address companies would normally have to run cables all over the area (& normally use tinny sounding horn speakers which are not really suitable for music) Therefore installation costs could be very high due to the labour costs involved (That’s not to mention the health & safety aspects of having cables running everywhere)

Portable PA on speaker stand


One of our portable PA units being used by a very talented local musician Brendon Woods before he became famous, see his website at: http://www.brandonwoodsviolin.com/


Car window sticker


Fantastic condition & lovely paintwork for a old car (Ford Anglia)


Cobra – Genuine not a kit car – Love the rego plate “HISS”


Jaguar XJ6 with a Chevrolet 350 engine block – Made a nice noise!!


Ford Mustang

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