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Welcome to the new website of BayCity Gold Radio – Tourist FM Radio & RiverFest Radio 88FM

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The future of BayCity Gold Radio?

Despite my best efforts I have been unable to generate much interest in establishing a full time golden oldies type radio station in the area (Flogging a dead horse seems to come to mind)

Therefore the future of the radio station is now uncertain – It now looks like we will turn it into a Tourist Information Radio Station – It would just broadcast prerecorded travelers information including adverts for local businesses & services – Feedback would be appreciated


Tourist radio is very popular in Western Australia please CLICK HERE or on the logo below to find out more – There are Tourist Radio stations in lots of towns in every state around Australia so why don’t you see them in every town? Quite simple, lack of available frequencies (there are only 3 channels available) – Most large towns & cities have no available channels due to the fact that they are already being used for other narrowcasting stations (such as religious groups, Horse racing, ethnic groups etc.) We are lucky here in Hervey Bay as we now have 2 frequencies available which we can use for Tourist radio


RiverFest Radio 88 FM 2013

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riverfest radio

BayCity Gold Radio is a small Low Power Narrowcasting station located on the eastern side of Hervey Bay – We will hopefully be broadcasting to the Booral, Turtle Cove & River Heads areas

We also broadcast as RiverFest Radio 88 FM each year during the River Heads “RiverFest” during September each year – This years RiverFest was held on the weekend of the 7th & 8th September

For more information please click on the “ABOUT THE STATION” page or for the latest news on our station please look at our “LATEST NEWS” page or click on our Facebook & Twitter icons


Would you like to help get BayCity Gold on the air? If so please consider a donation, Thanks

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  1. Looking good roger like the new web site, have fun. Mick and co Louth


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