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21st June 2017

Our new station is now broadcasting from the west side of Hervey Bay on 87.8 FM

17th June 2017

Our new custom built transmitter for our main Booral site transmitting on 87.8 FM
Now installed in our new shed with temporary shelving (now looking for a decent 19″ rack cabinet to install it in)
Hopefully (when I get time to finish building it) there will be a power supply/UPS with battery backup & possibly solar panels fitted to power everything.
The original transmitter will now be used at our new site at Sunshine Acres (Once it’s had a service) & will be on the air sometime next week.

10th June 2017

Antenna has now been erected at our new site at Sunshine Acres – We should be broadcasting very soon on 87.8 FM

29th May 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have been successful in obtaining another license to broadcast to the west side of Hervey Bay on 87.8 FM – The station should be on the air in the next few weeks

25th April 2017

Finally got our first sign positioned near the boat ramp at River Heads. This is an ideal position as it can be seen by tourists in their vehicles waiting for the barge going to Fraser Island.
Big thanks to Fraser Coast Council who installed it for us

24th April 2017

Special Anzac program (By Des Kinne) is being broadcast on 88 FM as well as online

20th April 2016

We are now broadcasting over 9 hours of tourist information & music thanks to 4 local presenters who have kindly made programs for us

7th February 2016

Important !!! Please Note that the meeting that was arranged for Tuesday the 9th February has been cancelled due to the president of the Progress Association not being available on that date – A new date will be arranged ASAP – Keep an eye on Facebook & Twitter for the latest information

22nd January 2016

We are soon having a general meeting to discuss the future of the station – We would appreciate any feedback on what people would like to hear on the station – We are always looking for volunteers to help us – For further details please look at our “How to get involved page” The meeting will take place on Tuesday 9th February at 9.30 am at the River Heads Community Hall – All are welcome (free tea/coffee & biscuits will be provided)

21st January 2016

We have now got apps for both Android & iPhone see our home page for more details

6th January 2016

Now Christmas festivities are over we are now broadcasting “Memories Are Made Of This” by Colin French –  Two hours of great Baby Boomer music – We are broadcasting the program (on a continuous loop) on our Booral transmitter (87.8FM) – River Heads (88FM) as well as streaming online

11th December 2015

Both River Heads & Booral transmitters are now on the air broadcasting Christmas music over the festive period – We are also streaming online

29th September 2015

We now have got the domain name registered at

25th September 2015

Now finally on the air on 88.0 FM with test transmissions – Hopefully our Booral transmitter on 87.8 FM will be on the air shortly

24th September 2015

Antenna has now been installed on community hall – test transmissions on 88.0 FM to commence shortly


21st September 2015

We are now testing streaming online – Please click on the icons to listen  Reception reports would be appreciated

22nd May 2015

This week the station was featured in the local Fraser Coast Observer newspaper – Good publicity & hopefully will generate some interest & volunteers

19th May 2015

Community grant funds are now in our account – Now we can start ordering equipment & organising antenna erection etc.

15th April 2015

Received some great news today – After waiting over 8 months we have finally got the state grant application we applied for – We thought we might get a maximum of $5000 – However it looks like we have got more than we asked ($7200) We can now start getting things started to get the station on the air full time – Please bookmark this page for further updates

9th April 2015

Finally got our internet back after 7 days!! – Must say not very impressed with TPG/Telsta’s after sales service – will be asking for compensation!!!

2nd April 2015

Lost internet today & it looks like it might be off all over the Easter holidays – Therefore we are unable to stream or broadcast our station over this period – Thanks Telstra

13th September 2014

BUSHCARE’S Major Day Out was celebrated on the Fraser Coast this year with a special event at the River Heads Reserve on Saturday 13th September – We provided the PA equipment as well as broadcasting the event live 0n 87.8 & 88 FM

8th September 2014

We broadcast again for the third year running at RiverFest at River Heads – This year it was only a one day event on Saturday 6th September – Very disappointed that we didn’t get much interest in the station or more help from the organizers –  Also very few live events/acts going on (unlike previous years) – Would have liked to broadcast some of the live acts, however was not told in advance what was going on (no program details supplied as promised) – Looks like this will be our last year doing this event which is a shame (unless we get  paid next time!!) – Maybe we will just concentrate on the Tourist Radio in the future?

27th August 2014

We are having another meeting today with the tourist development officer of Fraser Coast Opportunities – Billie Rustin (President of the River Heads Progress Association) & myself will be attending to submit a business plan & ideas to the FCO – Updates soon

20th August 2014

We should be broadcasting again this year at the RiverFest held at River Heads on Saturday 6th September

5th August 2014

We have kindly been donated two antennas for our stations, Special thanks to the Innes Corporation for their kind donation

28th July 2014

A grant application has now been submitted to buy the equipment needed to start up the 2 stations
Hopefully should know sometime in September if we are successful

15th July 2014

We had our first meeting yesterday, we have now set up a sub committee of the River Heads progress association.
Doing it this way will help to keep costs low (not having to registrar & pay for separate incorporation fees etc.)
We would still be able to apply for grants seeing the progress association is a “not for profit” concern
There might also be a possibility of applying for a local grant (maximum of $5000) & if successful would certainly help get the radio station on the air full time

10th July 2014

I haven’t had a lot of time recently to dedicate to the radio station, however some good news.
I decided to have one last go at getting some local interest with my Tourist radio proposal,

To this end I spoke at the River Heads progress associations AGM last night about the idea

I explained the concept & said that a “not for profit” organisation would need to be set up with an independent committee, also a basic business plan was required by the local tourist information department
I was therefore very surprised to get offers to help

Basically we will be setting up a sub committee of the progress association & we have got 3 volunteers already
This includes a PR/Publicity officer, A person who has experience of doing business plans & the chairwoman of the progress association herself who is very experienced in obtaining grants/running committees etc.

Also a local radio enthusiast has offered us a antenna mast & his technical help

Finally I think that we may be on our way
If anyone else would like to be on the committee or could help in any way I would love to hear from you

5th May 2014

Very good meeting with the tourist development officer today, the meeting lasted more than 1.5 hours!!
He looks to be very interested in my proposal & he thinks it‘s a very good idea to get a tourist radio station established in the area
To this end there might even be a possibility of some funding in the future
The tourist dept. is separate from the local council, however they do get funding from the local council as well as state funds
I have been asked to draw up a basic business plan for my proposal of which I will have to submit to the tourist dept.
It was also suggested that funding might be possible from the likes of the RSL etc. (via grants)
I think that it would now be worth registering the station as a “not for profit” organisation/company which would then help with any grant applications etc.
Has anyone had any experience registering this type of company? If so any help or advice would be most welcome.

30th April 2014

Have arranged a meeting with the tourist development officer of the Fraser Coast area for next Monday afternoon – will have to see what he has to say!!!

24th April 2014

Voicemail was left for me today from a officer of the council who wants to arrange a meeting – Will hopefully arrange a time early next week

16th April 2014

Still waiting to hear back from the council about the meeting they wanted to have with me this week – Not sure what’s happening?

Also a bit of information about another tourist radio station in the area – If you are traveling between Gympie and the Sunshine coast have a listen on 88FM – There is a new tourist radio station for Tin Can Bay broadcasting from the Kybong area (about 16 km south of Gympie) There is a sign (northbound) on the new Bruce highway upgrade telling motorists to tune to Visitors Radio 88FM – It looks to be operated by the Tin Can Bay Chamber of Commerce and Tourism – Although the radio station is over 50 km away from Tin Can Bay (Gympie is a lot nearer) it looks like they are trying to entice tourists to do a detour & visit their town whist traveling on the main Bruce Highway – not a bad idea

10th April 2014

Have just received an email from the manager of the tourist dept, he said “I must say that it sounds like quite an interesting concept!” He said he would like to arrange a meeting with one of his officers & myself sometime next week – Things look to be moving at long last

9th April 2014

We have just received a reply from the mayor as regards our proposal – It has now been passed onto the tourist unit

8th April 2014

We are still waiting for a reply from the council, it’s now over a week since we sent it – We have now added a new feature to the website called “Voicemail” as long as you have a microphone on your PC or laptop you can send us a voice message free of charge!!!

31st March 2014

We have sent an email to the local council today (via the Mayor) outlining our plans to turn the station into a Tourist Information Radio Station – We are not asking the council to fund it financially (although that would be nice!) we are just asking if the council would support it (via their tourist information dept. etc.) We are still awaiting a reply

12th September 2013

Apologies for anyone having problems listening to us online, this is due to the fact that we were using two free streaming services (you get what you pay for!!!) & the reliability was not very good. Hopefully when we can afford it we will get a dedicated stream of which reliability will then be greatly improved – We have discontinued streaming the station for the time being until we are on the air full time & we can afford a reliable streaming service


It looks like another radio station could be starting up in the area in the future (playing 60’s music), however this station will “not be local!!” it will originate from the Bundaberg area – Not only that it is being run as a business, therefore making a profit will be their main concern

Tourist FM/BayCity Gold Radio is a “not for profit” concern & would appreciate as much help as possible in getting this radio station on the air full time

We already did RiverFest Radio 88 FM in 2012, 2013 & again in 2014;  however we would now like to get the station on the air 24/7

This is a local radio station for local people so please help support it

Tourist FM/BayCity Gold Radio will be run as a community service to the River Heads areas and making a profit will be its least priority

Would you like to present your own radio programs or help with the admin or technical side?

If so we would love to hear from you

For further details please look at our “Get Involved” page

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